Andrew Halliwell CEng

I am an experienced Winemaker offering winemaking and wine consultancy services. I’m also a Chartered Engineer and so look at projects from a practical point of view and like to work in an organised and professional manner.

Working in wine since 2004, I have completed 18 harvests around the world and have good familiarity with all the key processes from harvest planning through winemaking to bottling and distribution.

With considerable international experience I am able to situate wines and wine styles within a contemporary context, whether that’s with the aim of creating target styles in the winery or researching wines to put together a portfolio for export, restaurant wine lists or private cellars.

Currently based in Spain, I know the country and its regions well but am also happy to travel.

I enjoy organising tastings and presenting wines to the public. In 2016 I founded the Tarragona Wine Club, which has since held over 100 events and has grown to more than 700 members.

Please contact me if you’re looking for help or advice.

Carignan Punchdown 2018 harvest
Cambrils Wine Fair 2019
Talking oak, Mission Hill, Canada
Vins Nus - Barcelona 2019